When my husband, infant daughter and I moved onto our northern Minnesota farm in 1972, we didn't know much about organic farming or gardening, but we were determined to live off the land. I planted a garden, which was immediately ravaged by a woodchuck. We bought a cow, and after she gave birth to twins, we milked her by hand. We survived a winter.

Each year we made progress. My garden got larger and more productive. I taught myself to preserve its bounty. Once I learned the basics of dehydrating, I experimented with recipes for soups that I could toss into a slow cooker before I drove my morning school bus route. 

I took the veggies and herbs that I'd dried and and scooped them proportionally into canning jars. Then I added wild rice, whole grains, and/or dry beans to balance the vegetarian proteins. I jotted down each "recipe" and taped it onto its jar. Over the winter, I cooked them for family meals.

Some mixes were so tasty, I made more as holiday gifts for relatives the following year. When far-off family approved, I decided to try marketing them. In 1990, my husband built a small commercial kitchen that we still call 'the soup building.' 

Next, I tackled pancakes and quick breads. Too many store mixes have dough conditioners and chemical additives. I wanted quick convenience without sacrificing homemade wholesomeness for Sunday breakfasts.

Breads need spreads, so I planted raspberries and strawberries in my garden and sold jam. Excited, I found a recipe for pumpkin butter in an old church cookbook  My husband gathered native chokecherries and wild plums. After reading about hors d'oeuvre jams in a New York Times clipping sent by my mom, I tried adding chopped jalapeño peppers to breakfast fruit jams. Wonderful!

Everything I make has to be wholesome. No artificial ingredients or preservatives, no MSG or aspartame. I don't want my kids and grandkids eating that stuff--and I don't want yours to, either.

My mission is to make delicious, nutritious, value-conscious mixes that you'll enjoy preparing, and your family (and friends) will enjoy eating. 

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What Folks Are Saying...

I have bought or been given many soup mixes over the years. Many get dumped out or doctored to change it. Most taste like dehydrated soup, which is not good. Your Northwoods Hearty Chili is AWESOME. I have added tomatoes and topped with a dollop of sour cream/yogurt and a little cheese.
— Roberta T.
I received my order yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to see the shipping charge was a lot less-thank you very much for that. The products are great and I look forward to trying the beer cheese soup. My whole family loves the wild rice seasoning. I was glad I could order it online.
— Connie S.