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rockflowersds.jpg (6962 bytes) Midheaven Farm is a Demeter certified biodynamic farm near Park Rapids, Minnesota. It is located in the lakes region about 200 miles north-northwest of Minneapolis.

I have been farming here for 30 years, and am looking for dedicated people to carry on the farming into the future.

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My farm demonstrates a practical, wholistic approach to agriculture as an alternative to the present trend of specialization and monoculture found on modern agri-business farms.

I use sustainable, Biodynamic methods of organic agri-culture that work in harmony with my regional landscape.

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Forestry, cattle, field crops and fruits and vegetables all have their place, creating a total farm organism on Midheaven Farm. My purpose is to grow life-giving food for people and animals by creating a living soil.

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cattleds.jpg (13009 bytes) Midheaven Farm encompasses 460 acres, of which 200 is wooded. The balance is rotational cropland and pastures. The pastures feature warm season grasses such as bluestem and Indian grass, along with an array of native forbs.

To feed the 60 head of beef cattle, hay, oats, and corn are grown. The farm is committed to using and developing open pollenated seed in its sustainable system.

All open land is sprayed each year with B.D. preparations 500 and 501.

Compost is made each spring and spread in the fall.
Midheaven Farm raises potatoes, vegetables, and soft fruits (raspberries and chokecherries). 

We have a CSA for consumers in Park Rapids, Detroit Lakes, and Fargo-Moorhead.

Steers from the cow herd are processed for direct sale to local consumers. Brood cows live their lives on the farm and provide rhythm and compost for the farm organism.

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For more information on Midheaven Farm, see the article entitled "Some Thoughts on Prairie Restoration" in the Stella Natura 2000 Planting Calendar, available from the Biodynamic Farming & Gardening Association. They can be reached at P.O. Box 29135, San Francisco, Ca. 34129-0135 or call 1-888-516-7797

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